C o n t a c t

Unlike a lot of people i don’t take fashion and photography too serious and I am creating a reality where people can have fun with fashion and be¬†creative with it.

My name is Mees Tempelaar, a 21 year old photographer from the Netherlands. I am not a fashion obsessed guy, but I do like the creative aspect of it all. My passion for nature brought me into photography. I used to love nature photography but I didn’t want to depend on good luck. I wanted to style, direct and create my photographs with the help of other people to lift my work to a higher level.
That’s when I eventually switched to portrait photography.

As a photographer i want to set an example. I believe that rules and boundries are there to be broken and that you shouldn’t set any guidelines or rules when it comes to photography. I want my work to reflect my personality, fun, creative, passionate and open.